Tailoring our solutions to work for you

McGunnigle Hodge work with numerous client groups ranging from Lawyers and Insurance Companies, through to Tenants, Agents and Contractors. With a strong customer focussed approach to our work, we aim to give our clients the optimal result in a timely manner, and to be clear and certain in all our reporting and technical advice. We tailor each of our services to an individual client to ensure that we understand our client needs, and to deliver on that promise. We are well placed to offer each customer a range of building consultancy services designed to meet their specific requirements.

View below our main client groups to learn how McGunnigle Hodge may be able to assist you.


We regularly act as expert witnesses and have acted for plaintiffs/ claimants and defendants/ respondents in court and Weathertight Homes Tribunal proceedings. The McGunnigle Hodge team have a well-rounded and considered approach to the litigation process. Read more

Insurance companies / Loss adjusters

McGunnigle Hodge have extensive experience in reporting and giving objective and balanced evidence on behalf of insurers. We provide detailed technical reports, which allows us to present a clear understanding of cause and effect which is crucial in building disputes. Read more

Private Individuals and Trusts

Our team can assist with Code of Compliance Certificate resolution. McGunnigle Hodge will provide guidance and undertake the necessary steps to assist you in obtaining it. Read more

Body Corporates

We have worked with Body Corporates during the litigation stage and provided our expert input into building disputes in court and Weathertight Homes Tribunal proceedings. We have extensive experience in giving objective and balanced evidence and have a well-rounded and considered approach to the litigation process. Read more


Our team can help Developers with defect identification, expert input into disputes, acquisition surveys, schedules of condition and Code Compliance Certificate resolution. We are able to diagnose building failures and report on the required remedial works. We are also able to provide technical input (as part of a larger team) to assist with the feasibility study of a scheme. Read more

Owner occupiers

We can assist owner occupiers with maintenance, defect identification, repairs and refurbishment, expert witness representation, and support for acquisition and disposal. McGunnigle Hodge are able to inspect a building and plan the work required to ensure the on-going performance of the building. We can advise owners of future expenditure to keep the asset in good repair, and to retain its value. Read more

Landlords / Property Trusts / Investors

Our strong technical knowledge allows us to review documentation, understand the building defects and the cause, to determine those responsible and the necessary repair works. We can clearly present the defects, the scope of the remedial work and, where required, an estimated cost of the repairs and the parties responsible. Read more


We are able to develop a simple brief into a design for a fit out and oversee the project. Our team are also able to modernise and update your space. If the landlord is undertaking works, we can review the design to compare it against the brief and monitor the works to ensure that there are no changes or alterations to what has been agreed. Read more


McGunnigle Hodge can advise on the reinstatement and repair obligations during or at the end of the lease and also negotiate a settlement with the landlord. We offer a Terminal Reinstatement and Make Good Schedule. Read more

Other consultants

Our team of consultants are available to peer review designs and comment on the suitability, durability and build-ability of the scheme. This ensures that delays and unforeseen costs are minimised during the implementation phase. McGunnigle Hodge are able to provide assistance with obtaining a Code of Compliance certificate. We can work with consultants to give guidance and to take the necessary steps in attaining it. Read more


We work with Contractors specifically in building defect identification, design and the implementation of design, expert witness in construction disputes, Schedules of Condition prior to works commencing, and peer review of designs. Read more

Banks and financial institutions

We are able to present Banks and Financial Institutions with clear details about building defects, the scope of the remedial work, parties responsible, and an estimated cost of the repairs if required. This service is available across both residential and commercial buildings and includes weathertightness issues. Read more