Banks and financial institutions

The McGunnigle Hodge team assist Banks and Financial Institutions with defect identification, development monitoring, and acquisition and vendor surveys. We are able to present Banks and Financial Institutions with clear details about building defects, the scope of the remedial work, parties responsible, and if required an estimated cost of the repairs.  This service is available for both residential and commercial buildings and includes weathertightness issues.

Our team can peer review the design documentation prepared by other parties and provide feedback on the suitability, durability and buildability of a property. This process ensures that delays and unforeseen costs are minimised. Our role also includes monitoring during construction for any changes or matters arising, and provides technical advice to safeguard the interests of any third parties.

We can provide Banks and Financial Institutions with Acquisition and Vendor surveys. The acquisition report enables a party to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of a property’s construction, and understand the potential future repair requirements in order to make an informed decision. Similarly, a vendor survey is available to provide clear and concise information to assist with an asset sale. The Vendor survey can assist in assessing whether a particular asset is suitable for investment purposes, and can place an asset ahead of other blind tenders if for sale, as well as negating potentially expensive pre-settlement negotiations should problems arise late in the purchasers Due Diligence exercise.

See defect identification, repair and refurbishment, acquisition and disposal.