We work with Contractors specifically in building defect identification, design and the implementation of design, expert witness in construction disputes, Schedules of Condition prior to works commencing, and peer review of designs.During construction disputes, we are able to provide our expertise and additional resources to help achieve an acceptable outcome for all parties involved. Construction disputes can consume staff resources and detract from their core business. We assess disputes quickly and provide certainty and clarity to assist with early resolution of the dispute.

We provide a Schedule of Conditions to Contractors prior to the work commencing, to safeguard against potential disputes over the effects of an adjoining development on a property. McGunnigle Hodge can peer review design documentation by contractors to ensure that the design is suitable and that delays and unforeseen costs are minimised.  We are also able to identify errors in the original construction, and provide practical design solutions, to the Contractor, to achieve long term durability of the structure.

See defect identification, repair and refurbishment, expert Input into disputes, acquisition and disposal.