Insurance companies / Loss adjusters

The McGunnigle Hodge team regularly work with insurance companies in cases relating to defect identification, building repair and expert witness representation in litigation.

We specialise in investigating and analysing building defects, especially relating to weathertightness claims and contractual disputes. Our wide technical knowledge allows us to review documentation, and understand the cause of building defects, to determine those responsible and the necessary repair works. We can clearly present the defects, the scope of the remedial work and, where required, an estimated cost of the repairs and the parties responsible.

In regard to leaky buildings, we have a clear understanding as to the ‘Arrow case’ ‘date of damage’ argument. Our team provide carefully considered, robust and certain advice so that the insurer can make an informed decision.

McGunnigle Hodge have extensive experience in reporting and giving objective and balanced evidence on behalf of insurers. We provide detailed technical reports, which allows us to present a clear understanding of cause and effect and those responsible, which is crucial in resolving building disputes.

See defect Identification, repair and refurbishment, and Expert input into disputes.