McGunnigle Hodge work with lawyers specifically in defect identification, analysing cause, effect and responsibilities, and provide expert input to disputes, as well as technical support for acquisition and disposal. We provide the technical advice on buildings and work with lawyers who provide the legal input.  We can also work with other specialists, e.g. Structural and Fire and Geotechnical Engineers, to provide the best possible technical advice on the building. McGunnigle Hodge work with the client’s lawyers as part of a larger team and although our role is related to the technical aspects of buildings, we provide input to the dispute process which allows the overall team to provide the best advice to the client.

We regularly act as expert witnesses and have acted for plaintiffs/ claimants and defendants/ respondents in court and Weathertight Homes Tribunal proceedings. The McGunnigle Hodge team have a well-rounded and considered approach to the litigation process.

See Defect Identification, Expert Input into disputes, Acquisition and Disposal.