Other consultants

The McGunnigle Hodge team are able to assist other consultants, namely Architects, Quantity Surveyors, Structural Engineers and the like, with building defect identification, peer review of design, acquisition surveys and Code of Compliance resolution. We can work with other consultants to provide our insight into building defect analysis. McGunnigle Hodge are expertly placed to diagnose and report on building failures and the required remedial works. We can work alongside other consultants to identify defects and to determine the parties responsible.

Our team of consultants are also available to peer review designs and comment on the suitability, durability and build-ability of the scheme. This ensures that delays and unforeseen costs are minimised during the implementation phase. McGunnigle Hodge are able to provide assistance with obtaining a Code of Compliance certificate. We can work with consultants to give guidance and to take the necessary steps in attaining it.

We are able to provide Acquisition surveys to help evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the property’s construction, and the potential future repair requirements. We work with other consultants to ensure we are creating the optimal outcome for the client.

See defect identification, acquisition and disposal.