Owner occupiers

We can assist owner occupiers with maintenance, defect identification, repairs and refurbishment, expert witness representation, and support for acquisition and disposal. McGunnigle Hodge are able to inspect a building and plan the work required to ensure the on-going performance of the building. We can advise owners of future expenditure to keep the asset in good repair, and to retain its value.

Our team also aid owner occupiers in the defect identification process. We are expertly placed to diagnose defects, and clearly present our findings, the scope of the remedial work, and where required, an estimated cost of the repair works and the parties responsible for the failures. Alongside defect identification, McGunnigle Hodge are also able to assist with guiding owner occupiers through weathertightness issues and the financial assistance packages that are available.

We have aided in building disputes and have acted for plaintiffs / claimants and defendants / respondents in court and Weathertight Homes Tribunal proceedings. Our team have a well-rounded and considered approach to the litigation process. We also can assist with Code Compliance Certificate resolution, give guidance and aid in obtaining it.

See building performance maintenance, defect identification, repair and refurbishment, expert input into disputes, acquisition and disposal.