Private Individuals and Trusts

We work with private individuals and trusts regularly in defect identification, repair and refurbishment, expert input into disputes and Code Compliance Certificate resolution.

The McGunnigle Hodge team have a depth of technical knowledge and expertise that allows us to review documentation and building defects to determine those responsible and the necessary repair works. We provide clear and certain advice so that the home owner and their lawyer can make an informed decision. We have acted for plaintiffs/ claimants and defendants/ respondents in court and Weathertight Homes Tribunal proceedings.

McGunnigle Hodge have a well-rounded and considered approach to the litigation process.Our team can assist with Code Compliance Certificate resolution. McGunnigle Hodge will provide guidance and undertake the necessary steps to assist you in obtaining it. See defect identification, repair and refurbishment, expert input to disputes, acquisition and disposal.