Much of the work that McGunnigle Hodge performs is focussed around the commercial sector. This includes office and retail space, industrial properties, hotels, education, public buildings, healthcare, student accommodation and government. We are able to assist in maintaining the performance of commercial buildings. Our skill set also allows us to advise on future expenditure. We offer both Maintenance Plans and Sinking Fund analysis to assist in the efficient management of the assets, to retain its capital value and general amenity.

We are specialists in defect identification in commercial spaces. Our understanding of the techniques and methods required to construct buildings properly, expertly place us to diagnose and report upon a number of building failures and the remedial work required to resolve the issue. Similarly for those commercial buildings that have defects in the original construction, we are able to provide practical design solutions to achieve long term durability. McGunnigle Hodge has extensive knowledge and experience to provide comprehensive and detailed reports in cases of building disputes. We are able to present a clear understanding of cause and effect which is crucial to this process. Our team can work closely with legal advocates, who can confidently reply on our balanced and objective findings.

In the process of acquiring or disposing of a commercial property, McGunnigle Hodge are able to provide both acquisition and vendor surveys.  The detailed reporting of an acquisition survey enables prospective purchasers to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of a property’s construction, assess the levels of deferred maintenance, minimise post-settlement surprises, and to understand the potential future repair requirements in order to make an informed decision. The vendor surveys provide clear and concise information to assist with asset sales. By presenting the property to market with information regarding construction type, quality and overall maintenance standards, you will be placing your asset ahead of other blind tenders. 

See building performance maintenance, defect identification, repair and refurbishment, expert input into disputes, acquisition and disposal.