Our five core services

From the initial brief through to solving problems related to faulty buildings, you need accurate information and expert advice. McGunnigle Hodge offers a variety of services to meet your needs. These range from maintaining buildings, defect identification, and repair and refurbishments, to expert input into building disputes, and acquisition and disposal.

Conducting robust investigations and providing solid reporting are at the heart of what we do. We work closely with you to understand your needs, and based on our extensive experience, we tailor and develop an approach that’s best suited to your requirements. We ensure we provide clear and certain advice and reporting to solve your building issues.McGunnigle Hodge provide national coverage from our Auckland head office, and have established close relationships with specialists, advisors and customers alike.

Maintaining buildings

No buildings are problem free, they require maintenance and repair works at some time during their life. Our skill set allows us to advise owners of future expenditure to keep the asset in good repair and to retain its value. Read more

Building defect identification

We use a wide range of investigative techniques, together with analysis, which allow us to reliably determine the location and causes of failures. Our understanding of the techniques and materials required to construct buildings properly, expertly places us to diagnose and report upon a wide range of building failures and the required remedial works. Read more

Repair and refurbishment

Buildings which have failed to perform require a thorough understanding of the cause of the damage to identify the defect and determine the correct remedial works required to provide a desirable solution. Read more

Expert input into disputes

McGunnigle Hodge are accepted by the Courts and Tribunals as expert witnesses in our field. Our team have extensive experience in reporting and giving objective and balanced evidence on behalf of both claimants and respondents, including insurers. Read more

Acquisition and disposal

Working closely with our clients, we tailor our Due Diligence service to cover all property related matters. Surveys can be limited to the building fabric or prepared to additionally cover heating, air-conditioning, ventilation and electrical installations. Read more