Building defect identification

The team at McGunnigle Hodge are experts in diagnosing defects in all types of residential and commercial buildings. We use a wide range of investigative techniques, together with analysis, which allow us to reliably determine the location and causes of failures. Our understanding of the techniques and materials required to construct buildings properly, expertly places us to diagnose and report upon a wide range of building failures and the required remedial works.

We clearly present the defects, the scope of remedial work, and, where required, an estimated cost of the repairs and the parties responsible for the failures. We can also act as an expert witness to assist you in the recovery of any repair costs. Our detailed investigation and reporting is robust and can be relied upon by lawyers.

Weathertight Assessments: We specialise in investigating and reporting building defects on all buildings types, especially relating to weathertightness claims.

Using tried and tested investigative techniques, together with laboratory analysis of building material samples; we build up a clear picture of the construction defect and cause of weathertightness failures leading to damage, which determines the scope of the remedial work required.

Insurance Inspections & Reporting: We have acted for the insured or the insurer in a variety of different claims. We are able to use our wide blend of skills and techniques to understand the cause of the defects, the parties’ responsible and appropriate opportunial value. This provides a framework for the legal advocate to achieve a satisfactory settlement. This provides a framework for the legal advocate to achieve a satisfactory settlement. In particular where the date of the onset of timber damage is critical, Ken McGunnigle was the expert for Arrow International on Luxford Villas, Washington and provided guidance for Robin Wakeling in the ‘Arrow Case’.

Peer review of reports: We peer review all reports, including DBH Assessor’s reports and client letters, and provide you with assurance that the conclusions and recommendations will resolve the defects that have been discovered.

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