Maintaining buildings

No buildings are problem free, they require maintenance and repair works at some time during their life. Our skill set allows us to advise owners of future expenditure to keep the asset in good repair and to retain its value.  The forecasting of these repair works also assists in ensuring minimal disruption to building occupants.McGunnigle Hodge offers services of Maintenance Plans and Sinking Fund Analysis to assist in the efficient management of the asset and maintain an asset’s capital value and general amenity.

Long Term Maintenance Planning: Utilising our extensive experience and technical expertise in building construction, design and materials, we are able to advise on the building’s elemental composition, condition, life expectancy and required maintenance regime, in order to ensure that the condition of the asset is in line with both statutory and client objectives. If required, budgets can be compiled using current building cost data and advice for prioritisation of maintenance works as well as procurement strategy.

Plans can vary from three to twenty-five years, but are typically provided for ten years.

Sinking Funds: Sinking Fund Analysis removes the peaks and troughs associated with high capital expenditure items such as repainting, roof renewal or plant replacement. The process involves the forward funding of high cost items over the preceding years so that an annual contribution to a sinking fund can be established.

Stock Condition Reports and Condition Assessments: McGunnigle Hodge can survey and assess the condition of property portfolios and individual buildings and record the current condition in a detailed schedule report.  We are also able to highlight any future planned and programmed maintenance to provide our clients with a comprehensive understanding of their properties, and knowledge on how to protect their assets.

The information provides commercial and institutional property owners with a comprehensive understanding of the current condition of their property stock in order to plan for future maintenance programming or for the reassessment of assets for disposal or redevelopment.

Implementing Maintenance Works: Our expertise also allows us to provide specialist advice in implementing the maintenance and repair work and combined with our understanding of building owner’s requirements, we can deliver the optimal outcome for the client.