Repair and refurbishment

Buildings which have failed to perform require a thorough understanding of the cause of the damage to identify the defect and determine the correct remedial works required to provide a desirable solution. We can readily identify errors in the original construction and provide practical design solutions to achieve long term durability.

Weathertight remediation and Financial Assistance Package (FAP): We are expertly placed to guide you through the entire remediation process. We can incorporate improvements and changes to the property to maximise your return, while ensuring that any claim against a party responsible is safeguarded. We employ Remediation specialists and have remediated standalone and multi-unit residential buildings, as well as commercial buildings. We are also able to tender and administer the works, ensuring that a successful outcome is delivered to the building owner.

For those residential building owners who are eligible for the Weathertight Homes Resolution Services Financial Assistance Package (WHRS FAP), we are also able to assist with guiding you through this process.

Refurbishments: We are experts in bringing buildings to a useful and usable condition.  We work with our clients in designing and implementing a solution that meets their requirements.We are also able to administer the works – See Project Services.

Peer Review of Designs: We are able to peer review the design documentation prepared by third parties and provide comments on the suitability, durability and buildability of the scheme.  This ensures that delays and unforeseen costs are minimised during the implementation phase. Also see Contract Administration.


Contract Administration: Our professional expertise allows us to achieve an optimal result with regard to time, cost and quality. In addition to the design, we can arrange tenders and administer the work acting as Engineer to the contract. Our role is to ensure the unbiased performance and execution of the contract.

Our role also includes giving directions to the Contractor on behalf of the client, issuing payment schedules, and to fairly and impartially make decisions entrusted to him/her under the contract documents to value the work and issue certificates.

Project Management: For large projects, where a team is required, we are able to use our experience, skills and training, to lead and manage a team of consultants, including architects, designers, quantity surveyors, structural engineers, fire engineers and the like. We proactively manage and coordinate the team to ensure that the client’s objectives are fulfilled. Our working relationship with a select number of consultants allows us to hand-pick the best team for you.

Client representation: We can act as the representative of the client and undertake the duties of the employer.  We communicate key parameters with regular reports and effectively manage the project. We can act on behalf of the client to manage the procurement and construction phase of a project with authority to receive and issue applications, consents, instructions, notices and statements.

Feasibility studies: Prior to purchase or after acquisition of a property, we can provide a detailed analysis of the matters that can influence the commercial decision-making prior to any building work. This can determine both the financial and practical feasibility of a proposed alteration scheme. We provide advice on Building Code requirements, detail the current condition and advise on future maintenance requirements of the property, as well as providing preliminary design and budget costing options where required.

Development monitoring: We are able to conduct a pre-contract assessment of the development documentation, including statutory approvals and examine the construction programme and the development costs. We monitor the works during the construction phase and prepare periodic progress reports, including recommendations for financial drawdown.

This service is particularly beneficial to minimise statutory and commercial risk for investors/occupiers taking ownership/possession of a building being constructed by a developer; a funding institution financing a project or lending a sum to enable the asset to be purchased or a tenant taking a leasehold interest in the building upon completion. As construction experts, we are able to analyse and monitor a scheme, provide technical input and advice in order to safeguard the interests of third parties, which could otherwise progress without being considered.